Colin Newall - Art Direction & Design


Creator of design and artistic endeavours, giving form to projects that spark the brain chords! Specialising in ART DIRECTION, UX/UI DESIGN and BRANDING.


A design can take on many forms, but at the heart of any good success is building creative partnerships that embrace the importance of discovery. Every project can have a surprising solution and every team can find that by delving deep into the creative process. Knowing that the best work is formed through questions, research, exploration, experimentation, more questions, more research, more exploration. To always be creating. To go beyond functionality and retain the individuality in design that can give a piece of work its substance.

By continually adapting every step of the way, the most interesting answers are never found on the obvious path and forming that bond of curiosity can elevate what you thought was initially possible. Delivering projects that evokes something meaningful for an audience, that resonates with a personality of its own and hopefully connects in a glorious way.

If you'd like to get in touch, I'm based near Liverpool and contactable via email at or if you're on Twitter at

Thanks and enjoy your day!